Get to Know Us

Shiloh Farm LLC

We represent the agricultural division of
Rivers of Living Water Ministry.

Welcome to Shiloh Farm, where we’re excited to share the story of our partnership with Rivers of Living Water Ministry. As Shiloh Farm, the agricultural heart of the ministry, we are deeply committed to cultivating more than just crops—we’re growing a community rooted in care for the earth and each other.

Our collaboration with Rivers of Living Water Ministry is built on a foundation of shared values: sustainability, education, and community support. Together, we are pioneering innovative agricultural practices that not only respect the environment but also produce wholesome, nutritious food for our community. Our partnership extends beyond the fields, focusing on educating and involving community members in sustainable practices and the importance of local food systems.

Shiloh Farm is not just about farming; it’s about fostering a space where spiritual and environmental stewardship go hand in hand. Through our combined efforts, we aspire to set a precedent for agricultural ministry, demonstrating the profound impact of working harmoniously with the land and each other.

International Outreach
Training others in Sustainable Practices
Spiritual and Environmental Stewardship

Meet Us

Shiloh Farm (pronounced Shee-Loh and means “His” in Hebrew) is a 180 acre working farm in Chelsea, Iowa.

3519 U Ave
Chelsea, Iowa USA