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Project Israel

Shiloh Farm’s Project Israel offers a unique and rewarding opportunity to work alongside pioneer farmers in the heart of Israel, immersing yourself in the ancient traditions and innovative practices of olive, sheep, and goat farming. As a participant, you’ll be directly involved in the nurturing and harvesting of olive groves, contributing to the production of high-quality olive oil known for its purity and taste. But it’s not just about olives; you’ll also engage in the daily care of sheep and goats, learning the art of pastoral farming that has been a cornerstone of the region’s agriculture for centuries.

This hands-on experience is more than just work; it’s a chance to connect with the land and its people, understanding the challenges and joys of farming in a country rich with history and cultural significance. By assisting these pioneering farmers, you contribute to the sustainability and growth of local agriculture, ensuring that traditional farming methods are preserved while integrating modern techniques that enhance productivity and environmental stewardship.

Whether you’re interested in agriculture, seeking a meaningful way to contribute to a community, or simply looking for an adventure that combines work, learning, and cultural exchange, Project Israel at Shiloh Farm offers an unparalleled experience. Come be a part of a living legacy, where every olive picked, and every animal cared for, helps to sustain and enrich the timeless bond between the land and its people.

Services: Project Israel Farmer: Todd, Maria, Alysia & Deryck Cleppe Duration: 2 weeks Location: Rotem, Israel
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